Digital prototyping of industrial machinery
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Research and development
Analysis and simulation
Digitising existing assets

Our mission is to accelerate the human technological process by providing professional, efficient, and affordable services of detailed design and digital prototyping. Recent breakthroughs in digital prototyping technologies are a transformative opportunity for modern industry, allowing for real-time identification and implementation of technical solutions.

DCE leads with innovation as an effective enabler in today’s industrial equipment space by significantly enhancing the technical capabilities of our clients.


  1. Design advice and consulting.
  2. Providing detailed digital models in various formats for industrial machinery and equipment.
  3. Creation of digital R&D platforms for prototypical design testing.
  4. Generation of digital models for existing assets, equipment or facilities.
  5. Design optimisation for life cycle management through simulation of technological processes and scenarios.

For Research and Development:

  • We offer our customers the ability to design and perform proof of concept testing simultaneously, drastically reducing concept-to-implementation time.
  • We offer economical rates for detailing and modelling, ensuring that projects are delivered under budget and ahead of time.
  • We provide advice on risks, improvements, and implementation, enabling you to maximise results during the development stage and significantly reducing the risks associated with prototypical design implementation.

For Existing Assets:

  • We will digitize your existing engineering data and convert it into comprehensive 2D and 3D models, consolidating and securing the intellectual property for all of your assets.
  • We provide models suitable for digital prototyping to support further enhancements, retooling, or shut down.
  • We support the creation of digital twins of your assets.
  • Our models can be used for entire product life cycle, from conception to decommissioning.

For Decommissioning Projects:

  • We create an up-to-date digital model of your assets, applying degradation and wear variables
  • We analyse the physical properties of all existing assets
  • We enable our customers to simulate decommissioning scenarios and options in a digital environment during the planning phase of the project.
  • We provide accurate assessments (BOMs) for:
    • Weights
    • Load planning
    • Salvage values


Cleaning tank +Equipment
Solid processing equipment
D890-030.00.000 GA Pump area2
Equipment Housing
LPG storage terminal
SL907 500-020.00.000 dw
DW2000-001.00.000 Drawworks2
Industrial Winches
LP Piping 01
Moving system


Discovery Consulting Engineers is a UK company, affiliated to Discovery Industrial Services Ltd. The company has 14 years of successful track record in designing industrial machinery utilising the latest software solutions.

Our team consists of UK, US, and Canadian-based engineers with expert knowledge in the field of industrial equipment and over 100 years of combined experience. We also operate a full-scale modelling office in Ukraine with engineers and detailers specialising in digital prototyping and modelling. Our resources and geographical spread allows us to deliver the highest standards of customer support and communication, whilst maintaining significant drafting capability at very affordable rates.


Andrew Zagorodnyuk. Managing director (since establishment of the company till August 2019), an entrepreneur with several successful previous ventures in mining, petroleum technology and manufacturing. Andrew had led Discovery over the last 13 years from a start up to the supplier of global industry and a center of excellence for effective engineering solutions. Previously Andrew was a founder of several companies in digital, mining, industrial and oilfield industries. Andrew holds Diploma with distinction from University of Oxford (finance) and diploma of law from University of Kiev as well as number of industrial qualifications.

Dr Michael Flannery is a qualified structural engineer with over 35 years of experience, D.Eng. from University of Reading, UK with a specialisation in offshore structures and naval architecture. Fellow of Institute of Energy, Fellow of Institute of Engineering Designers. Fellow of Institute of Petroleum and Fellow of Institute of (??). Dr Flannery’s long career included management positions in leading engineering and industrial companies, primarily in oilfield sector including VP in NOV. Dr Flannery is a holder of several patents, developed several innovative products in the industry, he is an author of several publications and managed design firms developing some pioneering industrial products both for offshore and land applications. Dr Flannery has joined Discovery in 2005 and re-joined in 2018.

David Godin has an accomplished 25+ years career in engineering and oilfield services companies. His positions included VP in Weatherford and Nabors Industries. He extensively travelled and has been based for multiple years in oilfield innovation centres in Calgary, Houston, Dubai as well as in Ukraine and China. For those and other firms David has run multimillion dollar projects and operations as operations director, maintenance director and engineering manager. David joined Discovery in 2008 and later in 2017.

Prof. Alexander Mertens has graduated Department of Cybernetics from University of Kiev with distinction with degrees (MSc, PhD and DrSc.) in mathematics and economics, attended and researched in several leading institutions such as London Business School, Cass City University of London and several others, and since then specialised in mathematics, economics and industrial finance. Alexander is a renown academic with over 50 publications, books and numerous lecturing/speaking engagements. Alexander was a president of a leading business school in Ukraine, worked in IFC (World Bank Group) lectured in many Universities (including University of New Brunswick and Edinburgh Business School) and advised numerous private companies. He is a renowned authority in corporate industrial and project finance and has been a key member of Discovery team since 2014.


Our services are delivered by highly professional engineering and drafting personnel who have decades of experience working on multiple projects all over the world. We execute the work both on a remote basis as well as with hands-on implementation and supervision.

The Geographical scope of our projects execution covers UK, Continental Western, and Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, GCC countries, Northern and Central Africa, Central Asia, Russia, as well as Latin America. The projects we have worked on include various industries such as housing, transportation and storage, energy, oil, mining, telecom, automotive, waste management, marine, offshore and machinery, etc.

Our end-user and client-base range from small businesses to large and major global enterprises. These also include public and private sectors as well as international ‘blue chip’ companies. We are well accustomed to working towards and meeting tight deadlines and also meeting extraordinary customer demands. We also have vast experience in creating products currently used by companies as:



Outsourcing that allows favorably increase your output without adding additional fixed costs


Prompt results, with high-quality service delivery, as well as smooth and immediate communication


Use of cutting-edge software by Tekla Structures and Autodesk Inc.


Possibility of forming result-oriented and dedicated team for your project


Trial and samples on small orders are possible and welcome


Highly competitive pricing policy


Detailed QA/QC policy; results are verified by experienced and certified engineers.


Professional indemnity insurance


Utmost confidentiality standards


Non-compete policy


Very simple process:

  1. Choose some task for us;
  2. Register, read and confirm terms and conditions;
  3. Upload your data to the secure cloud;
  4. Get quote in 1 working day;
  5. Get completed assignment shortly;
  6. Review the results;
  7. Pay us after completion


We do believe that we are witnessing the new era of information technology in buildings and equipment design. We are aspiring in the nearest future to obtain certification for upper levels of BIM and actively researching further technologies in information modelling and design automation. Specifically, we are deeply interested in both R&D as well as product life-cycle applications such as digital prototyping and digital twins.

We strongly believe that that current digital innovation will change the built environment and industrial world in the nearest future.  Also, we undoubtedly see ourselves as an active engineering consulting firm working in the specified field. Currently, we are conducting extensive research on this subject and also working on some pilot projects.


A digital prototype is a computer file or group of connected files containing a computer-aided design of the equipment or machinery created to the finest level of detail. Using such files during development of industrial machinery or industrial facilities allows us to virtually test equipment under real world conditions, providing the designer with optimization feedback and a continuous improvement loop prior to creation of a physical prototype. This generates substantial savings in time and cost during development, and reduces technology performance risks allowing the project owner to complete the development stage with much less effort. Modern software packages allow digital prototyping to occur on an entirely new scale, substantively shifting the trial and error process from physical to digital objects, and delivering unprecedented affordability and efficiency of the innovation process.


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